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The vision of 3A FINANCIAL is to emerge as the country’s most trusted doorstep financial services provider by offering fair Valuation for their Investment to the Investors who find it difficult to dispose off Shares and securities which are not traded on any of the stock exchanges.

Presently, Out of more than 8,000 companies in India that have raised capital and debt from the market, only about 2,000 are traded regularly on the stock exchanges.

3A Provides valuable guidance to investors with a vision of generating wealth by way of investments in sound and long term financial instruments, either equity or debt, depending upon the risk appetite of the investor.

When it comes to small companies the Indian stock markets are not quite liquid. This is where 3A step in and offer a unique exit route to the investors who are stuck up with securities that they cannot sell in open market.

We will accomplish our vision through our commitment to strategic growth, quality service and creation of self employment opportunities for more people.